The Fool's Quarter - Tradewars Server

I decided to setup a Tradewars server to share with other BBS's. If your BBS has the ability to RLogin to another server you can use the server. I've included the setup instructions for both Synchronet and Mystic BBS software. The server can handle up to 11 nodes and 11 games. More can be added as needed. Enjoy :)

You can set a menu option on your BBS or use your favorate terminal program to log into the server.


Synchronet BBS

Configure Menu

Setting up Synchronet to use RLogin to another server is quite simple. On your Synchronet Control panel select the BBS tab and select CONFIGURE to open the menu. Scroll down and click on EXTERNAL PROGRAMS.

External Programs Menu

Scroll down and click on ONLINE PRGRAMS (DOORS)

Online Programs Menu

I assigned a key on my Main Menu to access the Tradewars Server. You can put it on any menu, but for the purposes of this instruction, it is on the Main. Click on MAIN.

Main Program Menu


Main Program Menu

A menu will open to allow you to name the new Online Program.

I named mine: TWSERVER


The INTERNAL CODE should be autofilled.

In the COMMAND LINE enter: ?rlogon

I set the access level to 10 so a guess account can't log into the server. Set it to whatever your lowest user access you want.

That should be it. Enjoy the server!

Mystic BBS

Configure Menu

Setting up Mystic to use RLogin to another server is also pretty easy. I downloaded Mystic and installed it on my backup computer with Windows10 32bit.

At the command prompt type: MYSTIC -CFG to enter the configuration editor.

Select E for Editors

Editors Menu

Select M for the Menu Editor

Themes Menu

I didn't have any special THEMES installed. So I just used the DEFAULT. Select your THEME.

Menu Editor: Default

We are going to be adding a new external program. Select the DOORS option.

Menu Options: default.doors

At the bottom of the menu you will see to Press / for Menu Settis and other options, press the /

Select I to insert a new option.

Click on the entry you just created.

Menu Options: default.doors

Under the COMMAND option you want to use (IR) Outbound RLOGIN

In the DATA option enter: /addr= /port=2002 /user=@USER@

Make sure you use capital letters in the @USER@ or it will not pass the user name onto the server.

Command ID #: default.doors

Edit the COMMAND ID menu as you see fit. Change the HOT KEY and DISPLAY TEXT.

Enjoy the server!