Adventure to Tweed's Cave  

This adventure was unsuccessful in the fact we never actually found Tweed's Cave. So of course I'm sure you're thinking who is Tweed? Well he was a US Navy guy trapped on Guam during WWII and the Japanese Occupation. He fed a lot of information back to the United States on the Japanese strongholds. Just prior to the invation the United States sent some people in to retrieve him. He lived in the cave for quite a while. They made a movie called "No Man is an Island". It was suppose to be about his adventures. I enjoyed the hike though, except for all the spiders, I hate spiders. They were everywhere. I couldn't walk ten feet without hitting a web. Some of the bigger ones didn't have webs, they had spider condos. Some of them several feet square. (September 2000)

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Trail Head Trail Underbrush Underbrush Trail Underbrush Hill Trail Trail Scenic View Water Level Lower Cave Big Lizard Country Very Jagged Rocks Close Up of Rocks Cliff Tweeds Bath Tub? Large Rock Scenic View Scenic View

Guam Map
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