A biography of the "Mastermind of Earth"

Yes the Mastermind of Earth. A title bestowed upon me by the great John Carter of Mars. I read somewhere that people want to know the person behind the website. A scary thought sometimes, rather like when you look at a car wreck. And I'm sure you, like the bank robber in Dirty Harry are thinking, "I gots to know."

I set this website up over fifteen years ago. It started out as a one page fill in the blank canned website. As I learned HTML and became brave I increased the content and purchased my own domain name. Really you only lease the name, if you quit paying for it they let someone else have it. For a long time, while in the Navy, I posted pictures and news updates of my adventures. Sort of a blog. For the last couple of years I let it set idle and I saw my status somewhere state it was a Parking Lot, holding space for real content. I guess for no other reason I got off my butt and got creative.